Part #: LPE12002

8Gb/s Fibre Channel PCI Express
Dual Channel Host Bus Adapter

Streamlined installation and management, unrivaled scalability and industry-leading virtualization support make the dual-channel Emulex LightPulse LPe12002 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) an ideal solution for enterprise, mixed-operating system (OS) and virtual server environments. With powerful management capabilities and broad platform support, they deliver maximum performance in the broadest range of applications and environments.



ANSI Fibre Channel: FC-PI-4, FC-FS-2, FC-FS-2/AM1, FC-LS, FC-AL-2, FC-GS-6, FC-FLA, FC-PLDA, FC-TAPE, FC-DA, FCP through FCP-4, SBC-3, FC-SP, FC-HBA and SMI-S v1.1
PCI Express base spec 2.0
PCI Express card electromechanical spec 2.0
Fibre Channel class 2 and 3
PHP hot plug-hot swap


8Gb/s, 4Gb/s or 2Gb/s FC Link speeds automatically detected
Integrated data buffer and code space memory

Comprehensive OS Support

Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, VMware
Additional support is available from OEMs and partners
View OS versions and available drivers

Hardware Environments

PowerPC,® SPARC,® x86, x64 and Intel® Itanium® 64-bit processor family


Data rates: 2.125, 4.25 and 8.5Gb/s (auto-detected)
Optics: Short wave lasers with LC type connector
Long wave model – LPe12002-X8:
Long wave optics allows board to transmit signal up to 1.4Km using 800-SM-LC-I or up to 10km when using 800-SM-LC-L.
Cable: Operating at 8Gb/s
50/125 microns (500MHz*km BW)-up to 50m
50/125 microns (2000MHz*km BW)-up to 150m

Physical Dimensions

Short, low profile MD2 form factor card
167.64mm x 68.91mm (6.60″ x 2.71″)
Standard bracket (low profile available)

Power & Environmental Requirements

Volts: +3.3, +12
Operating temperature: 0° to 55°C (32° to 131°F)
Storage temperature: -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
23 degree C wet bulb